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ArtLogicGroup offers excellent design, development, deployment, and support services for Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications. The company's specialists have 20+ years of experience using different technology stacks:
  • .NET/.NET Core/Xamarin/Silverlight/WWF/WCF
  • PHP/Symphony/Laravel/Yii
  • jQuery/Angular/React
  • C/C++/Boost/Qt/U++/MFC
  • Node.js/Express.js/Nest.js
  • integrating client applications with popular programs and APIs: Microsoft Dynamics, TecDoc, Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel and Google Cloud API, and others.

Additionally, ArtLogicGroup is ready to suggest various types of audits for existing solutions:
  • Security audit
  • Architecture audit
  • Codebase audit

ArtLogicGroup can also provide high-quality support, maintenance, and deployment of your application, automating various maintenance tasks, and taking into account unique characteristics. We use PowerShell and bash, terraform and aws couldshell, docker, openvz, xen, kvm, hyperv, AWS, Azure, and VMware.

We have huge expirience with delivering projects in the following areas:
  • Healthcare
  • Remote education
  • Internet retailing
  • Automotive
  • CAD systems
  • Science
  • Manufactoring
  • Enterprise
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • AI
  • Voice recognition
  • ECommerce

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Our professional team of specialists offers a full range of all types of application development in the required time.

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