Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications
Creation of software projects using the .NET platform allows you to cover almost 100% of tasks aimed at the vast majority of PC users who use Windows OS as a platform for their work. At the same time, .NET, which has already become part of the latest versions of the Windows OS core, also allows you to create modern Enterprise solutions based on a variety of technologies and mechanisms provided to developers. Complex microservice architectures, data access web services, cloud technologies - all this is also supported if the project is created based on C# and .NET.

We have extensive development experience in this technology stack, including the creation of web projects, application programs, accounting systems and public services.

.NET Framework/Core Applications

.NET Framework and .NET Core applications

Depending on the task, our team can develop products of any complexity. Including those created for the new Windows 10/11 OS, where the .NET Framework was included in the OS called .NET Core. We can also create an application interface on Windows Forms or XAML for WPF or UWP solutions with the same quality.

Applications for modern PC

C Sharp
For project development, it is most often convenient to use the relatively new language C #, which simplified the cumbersome syntax of C / C ++, but at the same time retained the elegance of program forms (when compared with Python)). Our projects are always maintained within the framework of high requirements for the program code, and therefore can be easily validated and verified using standard tools.
NET Core Platform
Building apps for the Windows Store, while not yet a mandatory standard, is proving to be the most convenient solution in some areas. An application that can run on any of the devices with Windows 10 installed is not the most trivial task, given the wide variety of monitors and screens on which it must be displayed.

Interfaces Layout

Windows Forms UI
The classic but already obsolete Windows.Forms library is used less and less. But if the product has already been around for many years, and its complete processing is inappropriate, then we can create interfaces in the format and technology framework that you specify - Windows Form is no exception. Such programs will only work on desktop computers, but if nothing else is required, why not leave the current interface if it saves the budget and reduces the time for completion.
Windows Presentation Foundation
This approach to interface development is the most popular at present. WPF programs are easily adaptable to many projects and tasks. We prefer this approach in development, as it allows for the most efficient code reuse, which gives every opportunity to reduce the development period.
Universal Windows Platform
UWP is the newest technology for building interfaces for applications that are distributed through the Windows Store. If you're building just such an application, then you have no options - only XAML-based UWP and components of the updated Windows OS UI. Of course, this format was introduced more for the once promising Windows Phone devices, but the XBox and other Microsoft products still exist.

C/C++ Applications and Projects

C/C++ Applications

C/C++ is a programming classic. And we are far from the youngest development team) Therefore, we can create such products now exactly the same as 20 years ago. If your terms of reference require it, then our team can do this too - up to the use of Win32 and other low-level tasks. We still can - and many will never be able to!

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Our professional team of specialists offers a full range of all types of application development in the required time.

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