Integration with infrastucture

Apps Integration
Any modern project usually interacts with one or more external services at once. These can be analytical systems, data access services, systems for processing or preparing information. Our team has a lot of developed modules and solutions that cover the tasks of synchronization and data exchange with popular external web services, use the functionality of public services to include already debugged functions in projects under development.

Among the most common tasks for web projects, one can single out synchronization with external CRM systems, using the functions provided by the Google Cloud platform, sending data to manage Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

There are many different CRM systems. And different customers choose them based on many criteria - performance, scalability, price, data synchronization. If you use Microsoft Dynamics, then our specialists will be able to set up data synchronization with a web application or other database so that you always work with up-to-date data. But in any case, even if it's not Microsoft Dynamics, but another CRM with its own set of APIs, our programmers will also be able to solve this problem.

TecDoc Autoparts

TecDoc Automotive Databases

When launching online stores selling car parts, it is impossible to do without databases that allow you to select products based on compatibility with the selected vehicle. TecDoc is one of the most comprehensive sources that provides such information.

Our team has ready-made solutions in the form of a spare parts selection module for websites or services.

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

Google Analytics

Any modern site or mobile application requires the collection of statistics on user activity. Such information allows you to analyze the quality of a resource or application, improve usability and launch advertising campaigns through the well-known Google Ads and Facebook Ads services on 90% of sites on the Internet.


Google Analytics
Google Analytics in GA4 generation is used in all modern online stores and other commercial web services. The E-commerce and audience collection modules require the correct configuration of the transmission of events from your site to the Google Analytics service. We have certified specialists for this product, so we can guarantee the correct configuration and complete transfer of all possible information from the visitor to your GA4 account.
Facebook Pixel
Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks in the world. All popular web services or sites interact with this social network in one way or another through Facebook Pixel - a mechanism that allows you to track your client's connection with his social network account. Our team has extensive experience in integrating with these social networks - from simple widgets and basic authorization to collecting information on sales and leads through the Facebook Pixel code.

Google Cloud API

Google Cloud API

Our team has accumulated sufficient experience in working with many services of the Google Cloud API platform. It is often easier to use the functionality of this cloud service instead of trying to implement a task on your own that has already been implemented before you by a stronger specialist and provided for free use.

Popular API List

Vision API

Google Vision API

When it is necessary to implement tasks related to recognition of graphic images, the Vision API saves the project. Tested and tested by the IT giant Google, it is one of the leading solutions in the off-the-shelf code market. Quick integration of public access with many other services makes it easy to create private solutions.

Google AutoML API

!!!! We are a team of specialists who started creating their projects in the early 2000s. Many of us started with simple projects when the .NET platform and the PHP language first appeared. Having traveled this path for decades, we have been learning and improving our knowledge. At the same time, new versions of software platforms were improved and released. Now we can say with confidence that it is difficult to find more professional specialists than our team.
Translate API

Google Translate API

For most multilingual websites, this solution allows you to get rid of the involvement and search for a text translation specialist in a matter of hours or days for a relatively low budget. Moreover, one service will allow you to work with dozens of different languages ​​at once, unlike an employee who can usually only competently work with 2-3 languages. Support for text in HTML format allows you to automate the translation of web pages at no additional cost.
Speech API

Google Speech API

Speech recognition is required more and more often in modern projects. There are many different solutions and libraries. But the service from Google allows you to centrally support dozens of different languages, and the company's linguistic libraries made it possible to make recognition quite high-quality. All this makes it possible to implement an interface even for people with disabilities.
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