Software Audit

Project Audit
Having dozens years of expirience in software development, out software audit service will provide a complex review of the current codebase, deployment model, testing strategies, etc.. The result is a document with the reliabale reccomendftions what shall be improved and what is already done perfect. The reccomendation are related to codebase, licenses usage, deployment model, SDLC process improvements. Applying these recommendation(that is also may be done by our team) will reduce operation costs, improve quality, performance and realiablity of your solution.
Secrutity review is a very important process, that is dedicated to prevent security breaches and laws violations. We may analyse your solution starting from OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, up to GDPR, HIPAA and ISO 27001 compatibility. Reviewing of the organization security polices, access control for sensative and financial data, physical access, etc. also are the part of the review process. As a result we will provide you document with possible attack vectors, possible security breaches, and laws violations and reccomendation how to fix it.
Software and code audit process

Project Quality

Project quality
A Software Project Quality Audit is a systematic and comprehensive assessment of a software project's processes, deliverables, and outcomes to determine the level of quality and compliance with established quality standards, guidelines, and best practices. The primary purpose of a software project quality audit is to ensure that the project's processes are effective, efficient, and aligned with quality objectives, and that the resulting software product meets or exceeds specified quality requirements.

Software project quality audits can be performed at different stages of the project lifecycle, including during development, testing, and post-release maintenance. The audit results are typically compiled into a report that outlines findings, recommendations, and action items for improving the project's overall quality and adherence to established standards. This process helps ensure that the final software product is of high quality, meets user expectations, and aligns with industry norms.

Algorithms and Code

Algorithms quality
A code audit is a thorough and systematic review of source code to assess its quality, adherence to coding standards, security vulnerabilities, and potential areas for improvement. The purpose of a code audit is to identify and rectify issues that could impact the functionality, security, performance, and maintainability of the software.

An algorithm quality audit is a systematic evaluation of an algorithm's design, implementation, and performance to assess its correctness, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. The goal of an algorithm quality audit is to ensure that the algorithm reliably solves the intended problem, produces accurate results, operates efficiently, and adheres to best practices in algorithm design.

Security Audit

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A security audit for software is a systematic and comprehensive assessment of an application's code, infrastructure, configuration, and overall architecture to identify potential security vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and risks. The primary goal of a security audit is to ensure that the software is adequately protected against threats and follows best practices for cybersecurity.

After conducting the security audit, the results are typically compiled into a comprehensive report that outlines the vulnerabilities discovered, their potential impact, and recommendations for remediation. The organization can then take appropriate measures to address the identified security issues, enhance the software's security posture, and reduce the risk of security breaches. Regular security audits are essential to maintaining the security of software applications in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats
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