Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications
Modern projects require support for client access from different devices. Mobile applications cover tasks where the most frequent client access to the service is required. And considering that currently there are two popular platforms, applications for which are incompatible with each other, then creating two products for both operating systems at once is quite expensive for the customer. We offer development based on Xamarine, which allows you to immediately get two applications for Android and iOS within one project.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile Development

Our company creates mobile products based on the Xamarine platform, which allows you to immediately get applications for the two most popular mobile operating systems. This approach minimizes development time and allows you to immediately debug an application on two platforms.

Cross platform projects

Applications for Android OS
Android apps are usually distributed through the Google Play Marker. Therefore, it is very important to provide the product to the client in a form ready for public use. A feature of this platform is also a large number of resolutions and screen proportions that are available on many different devices. All this should be taken into account when developing the application interface.
Xamarine Projects for Mobile Applications
The Xamarine platform allows you to create a product for two operating systems at once - Android and iOS. This approach allows you to reduce the overall development budget and make applications more unified. Usually, if a mobile application is part of the overall infrastructure of the project, then this approach allows the use of a common development environment and a common programming language, which significantly reduces the number of specialists involved and, as a result, improves the quality of the product.
iOS Applications
iPhone or iPad apps should always be available alongside Android apps. This approach allows you to retain a more demanding and audience that Yablochko praises above all. But the share of such an audience is usually less than 30%, so the use of such products will always cover less than half of your customers. But it is also impossible to deny them the opportunity to use the application on iOS.
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Our professional team of specialists offers a full range of all types of application development in the required time.

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