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Web sites/services
Every day, each of us uses a dozen websites and services that make our life easier. Most modern IT startups use or are built on the basis of a web application. Our team has enough specialists to cover most of the popular web development technologies. ASP.NET, PHP, JS - We offer all this when creating solutions that our customers order.

Moreover, we can offer a comprehensive turnkey approach - to provide a full cycle from designing and creating a software product to its optimization and promotion in search engines. And given that we also have such experience, the website or service was originally built in such a way that it has everything necessary for the successful development of the project.

Frontend Design and Development

Frontend for Websites

The frontend is what you see when you open a website. Everyone wants their product to look good, work well, and earn well. All this is possible if you make the interface of high quality, convenient and correct. To do this, it is necessary to perfectly master the technologies necessary for this.

Interfaces workout

HTML 5 pages
All modern web project interfaces are based on HTML templates. This is the industry standard that has existed for the past 20 years. Our experts worked with different versions of HTML 4.01, XHTML, etc. But now we are building all projects on the HTML5 standard. Together with CSS, we implement interfaces of any complexity for our clients. All projects always come with a responsive layout so that the pages open and are easy to read on a device with any screen size.
CSS 3 Styles and animation
Using the latest CSS standards, we implement complex interactive interfaces with animations and transformations that add dynamics and promote a deeper user experience. Also, all code is checked for compatibility with major versions of browsers, and not only the latest versions. We guarantee the client that the interface will look the same for 99% of the users who work with it.
JavaScript code
JavaScript always augments existing page templates with interactive or assisted data validation. We are very familiar with standards up to ES8, which allows us to write code in the most efficient way that has maximum compatibility with all browsers. At the request of the client, the code can be based on the JQuery library, or use only the browser's built-in capabilities. And most importantly, event handling will never overload your browser.

JavaScript MVC Frameworks

React JS frontend
If you want to build a modern interactive web application, then React is one of the available options. A smart approach to interface design, and not just a race for modern technologies - this is the balance that every developer should keep in mind. Our experts will always advise which type of interface is more appropriate to use in a given situation. But if the choice falls on React JS, then we can create a web application that is properly designed and will work correctly.
Angular JS frontend
Angular JS is a solution from Google developers that is generally similar to React JS or Vue JS. But if your project requires the use of this particular framework, then we have enough specialists in our team for this variant of solving the problem. Regardless of whether Rest, gRpc or something else is used as a backend, the client code based on Angular JS will work correctly and quickly.

CSS frameworks

Skeleton Framework for simple styles
Need very lightweight frontend solution? Need a clear and user friendly interface for your web-site? Then we recomend to use this simple CSS Framework to build fast and simple HTML pages layout. Skeleton is not a new solution, but quite modern. When you do not need to create complex layout templates, its capabilities are more than enough for designing a form with fields, displaying structured text, or other widgets.
Bootstrap 3 Framework for shared templates
When you need to create a website quickly and inexpensively, Bootstrap is the way to go. Thousands of available page templates, complex layouts and other prefabs are all built on top of Bootstrap. Built-in mobile responsive layouts, a large library of web page components, easy customization and styling - all this simplifies development.
Tailwind CSS Framework for Laravel fans
For fans of Laravel and related libraries and technologies, we have also mastered this CSS framework. From our point of view, it is very discrete and does not greatly simplify the generated code. But if your project requires just such a solution, then we have specialists for this type of task. Tailwind, like other frameworks, is based on using predefined classes in your HTML template. If you want to make an adaptive page, there are immediately tools for it. We need a set of stylized elements for the form, there are already blanks too.

ASP.NET Page Layout Technologies

Blazor Engine
When a project is built on the C#/ASP.NET stack, using the Blazor framework will allow you to create a reactive interface on the client side while still getting good integration with the back end. You don't have to use JavaScript to build such code. All code will still be written in C#, and the platform will convert it into the appropriate executable code for the client side.
Razor Pages
Razor Pages is indispensable when building websites with a large number of pages, where you need to use a ready-made MVC implementation. In fact, Razor Pages is a framework that has a router implementation and a predefined structure for placing page code. This technology has been around for quite some time, but is still often used in real projects.

PHP Web Development

PHP based code

80% of web resources on the Internet are built on the basis of this platform. One of the first languages ​​that was available on free platforms and had a very light syntax based on C++/Java/JavaScript syntax - all this accelerated the rise of PHP in the early 2000s and led to the rapid development of the segment of sites with dynamically generated content.

Custom Core Systems

Custom PHP Engines
We often offer solutions to our clients based on our own framework and cms system. Developing along with the popular frameworks Symfony, Laravel, cms engines wordpres, drupal, magento, etc., our cms allows you to quickly build an online store or other site that has high performance and is not limited to standard functionality. Already hundreds of projects have been working on our engine since 2005.

PHP Frameworks

Symphony projects
For fans of the classics, we can offer solutions based on this framework. Its reliability and flexibility have been proven over the years, but being overly redundant for most projects makes the project under development too unwieldy. If you still want a solution based on Symphony, then contact us, we can do that.
Laravel projects
One of most modern and popular frameforks for PHP projects. Our team has experience working with such a platform. Usually this is the basis for building diverse projects that require modern JS frameworks on the frontend and REST architecture on the backend to be combined. Although this is not the only possible combination. We also built classic websites based on Laravel.
YII projects
YII is very handy when building control systems from web interfaces. Its Gii generator of forms, models of Crud interfaces allows you to very quickly create a flexible system for editing or managing data from some kind of DBMS source. But since this framework is more focused on creating websites with a classic web page formation scheme, it is more suitable for business card sites or other information resources.

CMS Based

Wordpress Websites
Need a simple and cheap web-site for your company or small bussiness. Then Wordpress is your choice. But be ready to be hacked soon. The most replicated CMS in the world is dangerous for its world-famous vulnerabilities. Therefore, this engine is suitable for business card sites or information portals, but is not very good in other tasks. What can I say - after all, it was originally created as a blogging engine.
Drupal Websites
Not a very new CMS and not the most popular anymore. But if your site is built on the basis of it, then you need constant support and expansion of functionality. All this can be offered by our company and our specialists.
Opencart Online Stores
The popular CMS for online stores is a ready-made solution out of the box, which has both advantages and many disadvantages. If you are running a startup, then most likely the functionality of Open Cart will be enough for you. But if you want to develop faster, then you will most likely run into the low performance of this CMS. We can offer our analysis of the project or adding new modules to your site. But be prepared that you still have to change the CMS.
Magento Websites
Magento is a monster for those who know why you chose it. This CMS is quite heavy and requires a serious infrastructure on your server in order to ensure sufficient performance. There are already many ready-made plugins and modules for this CMS, but often you need to add something specific for your business. Our team can solve such a problem, or advise a ready-made solution.
Joomla Websites
One of the oldest CMS, but still relevant. If you need to quickly assemble a site with a tree structure, where most of the pages are just randomly designed content. This option is quite suitable for a startup. But there is no question of any performance, convenience or reliability. Especially if you want to run an online store or something similar.

ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET Web projects

ASP.NET for large business solutions is exactly what will allow you to implement an easily maintained project, with a huge class library. Basically, this solution will be used by those who cannot find ready-made software products for their business tasks. Of course, the development cost will be higher than in PHP or Python, but you get a more powerful execution environment for your application.

Web-Services Architecture

Given the complexity of modern software solutions and the fact that they can simultaneously work with different data sources, WCF is exactly the technology that will allow you to organize the work of various web services that will be the backend for complex web projects. The use of WCF standardizes the created services under IIS and allows you to process requests bypassing the standard ASP.NET scheme. All this allows you to create productive distributed microservice architectures.
Being based on complex sequences of actions, algorithms often become completely local. But if you initially approach the solution of a task (which in the future will require large resources during execution) from the very beginning, for example, adhering to WWF tools, then deploying such a project in distributed cloud systems will become child's play, which is performed with minimal effort. Window Work Flow library allows you to correctly build processes for processing complex tasks.

Other Features

Web sites
One option for building a website is to use the ASP.NET development platform. Such sites can only be hosted on Windows servers, as they require the .NET Framework to work. If you are building a template site, then such a stack of technologies will be a real challenge. Compared to PHP or Python, for which there are many ready-made frameworks or cms, here you have to do the lion's share of the work yourself. Therefore, this type of project is more suitable for custom systems.
If you're looking for a web application with an interactive GUI, complex animations, and special effects, SilverLight might be the one for you. When choosing this technology, you should take into account the need for browser support for such software assemblies. It is possible that not all clients will be able to run such an application on first boot. Therefore, if you are focused on a task that works with a constant audience, then such an interactive may well be created on SilverLight.
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