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Software development for private, business and enterprise tasks - we know how it should work!

Platforms and Technologies
Desktop applications


Desktop applications development on .NET Framework platform for Windows

Mobile applications


iOS and Android hosted applications build with Xamarine Framework

Web-sites and Web-services


Web-sites and services build with modern frameworks, patterns and technologies

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We are a team of specialists who started creating their projects in the early 2000s. Many of us started with simple projects when the .NET platform and the PHP language first appeared. Having traveled this path for decades, we have been learning and improving our knowledge. At the same time, new versions of software platforms were improved and released. Now we can say with confidence that it is difficult to find more professional specialists than our team.

We also have vast experience in building various systems from simple to enterprise platforms and complex infrastructures.

Application design
Application Architecture Design

A correct and well-thought-out architecture of a software product is a guarantee of trouble-free high-performance operation and easy extensibility of the product throughout the entire period of software operation.

We will always give advise and point out a more correct way to solve the problem, which will allow us to issue a quality product as quickly as possible.

Coding software solutions
Interface Design
We keep up with the times and apply many techniques when creating software products. All of them are aimed at ensuring that the product received:

fast, modern and user friendly interface;

flexible scheme for setting up and configuring the product;

easy integration into existing infrastructures;

maximum compatibility with modern OS versions, platforms and other software;

verified code to minimize possible bugs and crashes.

Complex infrastructures

We are engaged in the development of complex systems, which can be either an integral infrastructure or separate modules integrating into existing software architectures. At the same time, such systems can include end users on different devices and platforms.

Client reviews
Perfect work, perfect quality, fast performance. This is what I can say about my experience with ArtLogicGroup team.
Alex Noren
QuickRetail Inc.
Thanks for your time and good work. Strongly recommend you as best professionals I've ever experienced. Abolutly sure, that will be in touch with you for my next tasks.
Jill Qickback
Perfect work, perfect quality, fast performance. This is what I can say about my experience with ArtLogicGroup team.
Michael Nickendorf
Sales for Minds
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